Expanding Syamcat's Global Reach: Recent Developments and Strategic Partnerships

Expanding Syamcat's Global Reach: Recent Developments and Strategic Partnerships


In June 2024, Syamcat strengthened its partnership with Russian adsorbent suppliers and developed market strategies. They won a ZnO desulfurization catalyst bid and plan local production in Russia. Syamcat completed catalyst reloading with Gazpromneft and will discuss future ammonia plant needs. They advanced rocket fuel booster catalyst projects with the Pakistan Institute and prepared proposals for bids with a Russian trading partner.

Expanding Syamcat's Global Reach: Recent Developments and Strategic Partnerships
Adsorbent (Activated Alumina/Molecular Sieve) Partner
In early June 2024, Syamcat’s overseas and project teams embarked on a visit to Russia to strengthen ties with their adsorbent partner. This collaboration aims to explore the Russian market for activated alumina and molecular sieves. During the meetings, project manager Daniel discussed market trends across China, Russia, and Europe, highlighting Syamcat’s increased production capacity due to new production lines. The team negotiated strategies to better serve Russian customers, including the possibility of local storage to ensure faster supply.
Catalyst Partner for H2 Production and Claus Sulfur Recovery
Following a successful bid for ZnO desulfurization catalyst for a Russian refinery, Syamcat’s team visited their catalyst partner in Russia. This visit marked another significant achievement in the Russian market. Discussions focused on catalyst production, supply, loading, and technical services to ensure the stable operation of the refinery. Additionally, Syamcat is actively pursuing bids for hydro-desulfurization, steam reforming, and high-temperature shift catalysts for the same refinery. Future plans include exploring local production in Russia with their catalyst partner.
Cooperation with Gazpromneft
Syamcat initiated its collaboration with Gazpromneft in mid-2022, concentrating on isodewaxing and hydrofining catalysts for diesel. Besides oil refining catalysts, they are also working on an H2 production project. In early June 2024, Gazpromneft completed the reloading of high-temperature shift and Claus sulfur recovery catalysts with technical support from Syamcat. Future discussions will focus on the catalysts required for Gazpromneft’s ammonia plant.
Partnership with Pakistan
Syamcat’s commitment to international collaboration extends to Pakistan, where they have a strong track record in overseas installations and product development. In July 2024, Syamcat’s technical team hosted engineers from the Institute of Pakistan. Representatives, Ms. Dilshad and Mr. Daniel, exchanged technical suggestions on Ir catalysts and carriers for rocket fuel boosters. Over the past five years, Syamcat and the Pakistan Research Institute have completed two catalyst projects and numerous mutual visits. The next phase involves trialing 3-5 tons of catalyst investment and carrier loading applications for rocket fuel boosting.
Engagement with Russia Trading Partner
During the Russia business trip, Syamcat met with a long-term partner specializing in equipment and parts for refineries and ammonia plants. This partner has collaborated with Syamcat on various tenders, including hydro-desulfurization, high-temperature shift, and steam reforming catalysts. Thanks to this strong partnership, they have successfully secured three tenders. The recent meeting focused on over five potential tenders for ammonia plants, with discussions on reloading schedules for 2025. Syamcat is now preparing technical and commercial proposals to address these opportunities.

Through these strategic visits and collaborations, Syamcat continues to expand its global footprint, enhancing its capabilities to deliver efficient and innovative solutions to its international partners.

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