SYAMCAT Loading Guidelines for Primary Steam Reforming Catalyst

SYAMCAT Loading Guidelines for Primary Steam Reforming Catalyst


SYAMCAT offers advanced catalyst solutions designed to optimize industrial processes like primary steam reforming.

SYAMCAT Loading Guidelines for Primary Steam Reforming Catalyst
SYAMCAT Loading Guidelines for Primary Steam Reforming Catalyst

Before commencing the loading process, the designated technical supervisor should provide essential technical training to all personnel involved, covering technical specifications, loading procedures, safety precautions, and work assignments.
Tool Preparation of Loading Primary Steam Reforming Catalyst

① Vacuum suction apparatus: 1 unit
② Pressure difference meter: 3 units
③ Measuring bucket: 4 units
④ Binoculars (8-10x magnification): 2 units
⑤ Small lighting lamps: 5 units
⑥ Canvas bags: 20 pieces
⑦ Funnels and funnel stands: 4 units
⑧ Tape measures with heavy hammer: 4 units
⑨ Oscillators: 4 units
⑩ Sieves (mesh size one-third of catalyst particle size): 2 units
⑪ Magnets: 4 pieces
⑫ 50kg weighing scales: 2 units
⑬ Winch
⑭ Record sheets
⑮ Wooden crates: 4 units
Preparatory Work of Loading Primary Steam Reforming Catalyst

① Prepare 4 spare air connectors for instruments.
② Ready the vacuum suction apparatus.
③ Ensure thorough cleaning of all parts of the conversion furnace.
④ Use instrument air to clean the conversion tubes.
⑤ Check the vertical alignment of the conversion tubes using binoculars, inspect the bottom support grid (holes), remove debris from inside the tubes using the vacuum suction apparatus, and clear all holes
⑥ Inspect all pigtail gas pipes and inlet headers to ensure there are no foreign objects or blockages.
⑦ Measure the height of empty tubes.
⑧ Measure the resistance of empty tubes, ensuring the deviation between the pressure differences of each tube and the total average pressure difference is within 5%.
⑨ Transport the catalysts to the site, separate them by model, and determine the packed density of the catalysts.
⑩ Screen the catalysts using a free-flowing method.
Loading Procedure of Loading Primary Steam Reforming Catalyst

① Load 15mm primary steam reforming catalyst into the lower section of the furnace tubes and 8mm primary reforming catalyst into the upper section.
② To prevent spherical catalysts from blocking the circular holes on the lower grid of the reforming tubes, first fill the lower part of the tubes with 100-150mm (equal height for each) of Raschig rings or other non-spherical catalysts.
③ Fill the sieved catalysts into measuring buckets in a measured and controlled manner, based on volume but with weight as reference, and record the weight. This task should be carried out by a dedicated person.
④ Pour the weighed nickel catalysts through funnels into canvas bags, fold the bottom outlet, fold them to about 200mm, and place them in wooden crates.
⑤ Once the crates are full, use a winch to hoist them to the top of a section of the furnace.
⑥ Secure the bags with safety-hooked nylon ropes, carefully place them into the reforming tubes, shake the ropes repeatedly upwards after they have fully settled at the bottom to open the bottom, and remove the bags after all catalysts have flowed out.
⑦ It is recommended to oscillate and measure the height every tenth of the filled tube volume, considering the catalyst to be within the specified height range as qualified.
⑧ When filling half the tube, adjust the empty tube height of the conversion tube. Oscillate to the required height for tubes that are too high and add catalysts for those below the specified height. After adjusting the height, measure the resistance of the half-filled tube.
⑨ Fill the upper half of the catalyst according to the above requirements.
⑩ Measure the resistance of the full tube. The resistance measurement for empty tubes, half-filled tubes, and full tubes can be performed according to the requirements of each plant's process design, but the deviation of each tube's resistance from the total average value should not exceed 5%. If it does not meet the requirements, 
adjustments should be made, and if adjustments are not possible, the process should be restarted.
⑪ After loading is complete, seal the flanges and blow off dust with compressed air.
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