How to load SYAMCAT Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst?

How to load SYAMCAT Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst?

How to load SYAMCAT Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst?

How to load SYAMCAT Ammonia Synthesis Catalyst?

Loading the ammonia synthesis catalyst from SYAMCAT is a crucial task, and the success of this process directly impacts the performance of the catalyst. Therefore, it requires meticulous attention.

① Choose Clear Weather: Opt for sunny weather conditions to prevent the catalyst from getting damp.

 Avoid Toxic Contaminants: Keep the catalyst away from toxic substances to prevent contamination.

③ Pre-reduction Ammonia Catalyst Screening: When pre-reducing the catalyst, avoid direct sunlight.

④ Temperature Monitoring During Pre-reduction Catalyst Loading:

Install a temporary temperature sensor during pre-reduction catalyst screening to monitor the bed temperature.During pre-reduction catalyst loading, introduce a small amount of nitrogen to prevent oxidation due to the breakdown of the passivation film.

⑤ Ensure Safety Measures: Implement safety measures when loading the tower with pre-reduced catalysts.

 Follow Temperature Principles for Different Catalyst Models:

For the combination loading of catalysts with different models and forms, adhere to the principle of placing higher temperatures at the bottom (rear) and lower temperatures at the top (front).

⑦ High-Purity Nitrogen Requirement: Before filling the catalyst, ensure on-site availability of nitrogen with a purity of 99.5% or above. If a temperature increase in the catalyst is observed during loading, personnel should promptly exit. Nitrogen should be introduced into the catalyst basket in the tower until the temperature returns to normal before resuming loading. It is recommended to conduct the loading operation under the supervision of SYAMCAT technical personnel.

Ensuring a precise and controlled loading process is essential to optimize the performance of SYAMCAT's ammonia synthesis catalysts.